The Jackson Youth Sports Board is very excited that you have decided to allow your child to participate in the recreational football program this year. We are striving diligently to provide the best program we can. There are a few things we are implementing to enhance the experience that your child will have here. We need every player to understand several basic rules that must be followed and we would appreciate you reinforcing these rules as well.

  1. There will be NO profanity tolerated by players, parents, or fans.
  2. All players are expected to respect their coaches and teammates.
  3. No players will be allowed to leave the field without the approval of their coach.
  4. All players will display good sportsmanship at all times; win or lose.
  5. No players will intentionally try to cause harm to others.
  6. All players are expected to attend practices and make every effort to be on time.
  7. Proper attire will be worn to practices and games.
  8. We want all players to have fun, and improve their football skills.

Jackson Youth Sports - Staff Contact Information

The following list of names will be your contacts for the JYS organization. Should you have any questions, concerns, and/or comments, please use this list as your reference. PLEASE remember to call your coach for any questions regarding practices and games. Please be patient with us if you are trying to contact someone on this list throughout the business day. We all work during the day and may not be able to take your call and/or text message right away.

Jason Corley, JYS Football Coordinator
803-507-5705 (cell)

Jim Broome, JYS League President
803-645-5498 (cell)

Information will also be posted our Facebook page -- “Jackson Youth Sports”

You can also email us at: jacksonyouthsports[at]

Lastly, it is important that all parents and coaches set forth examples for our players to follow.

Together we will have an outstanding 2018 Football Season.


Medical Release

I grant permission to managing and/or coaching personnel or other league representatives to authorize and obtain medical care and treatment from any licensed physician, hospital, or medical clinic, including major surgery, deemed necessary by a duly licensed physician should my child become ill or injured while participating in football activities away from home, or at other times when neither parent/guardian is available to grant authorization for emergency treatment. This authorization includes the administration of first aid and transportation to and from a medical treatment facility. In addition, I will list any allergies or illnesses for which my child is being treated by a medical doctor in the space provided below.

By checking this box I agree to the Agreement and Terms above

Parent Contract


I give my child permission to participate in the Jackson Pee Wee Football League. I understand I will not hold the league, league officials, or league coaches responsible for any injury that may occur to my child during practices or games. I understand Jackson Pee Wee Football will provide a secondary insurance ($250.00 deductible –responsibility of the parent/guardian) to cover all activities of the league. Due to insurance regulations, I understand the registration fee must be paid before my child can participate in any practices or games. I understand that it is not the responsibility of the league officials or coaches to provide transportation for my child to practice or games. I understand that I will be responsible for a registration fee of $40.00 for flag and $65.00 for tackle football. These fees are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason. This league will provide practice helmets, shoulder pads, game socks and game jersey (players will be able to keep the socks and jersey BUT everything else MUST be turned in after at the last game). PARENTS will be responsible for the purchase of game pants and pads which will be determined by league.


Parents MUST provide a practice jersey or t-shirt, practice pants, mouth piece, cleats, game pants and pads (which will be determined by league).

COACHING AND/OR TEAM CONCERNS: Our organization’s board, coaching staff, and team moms/dads volunteer a significant amount of time to make each season possible. Please set an example for your child and others by respecting your coaches and volunteers. Do not interfere with coaching during practices and games. We want to address any comments and/or concerns you may have, but please keep problems off the field and speak to one of the Jackson Youth Sports Board Members.

UNIFORMS: Parents/ Guardians are responsible for maintaining their child’s equipment. If this equipment is not returned or returned in poor condition to Jackson Youth Sports when requested at the end of the season or immediately upon leaving the program, parents/ guardians will be held liable and will be required to pay to repair or replace the equipment.

PRACTICE: Practices will be three evenings a week at the Jackson Bulldogs Football Field (behind JMS). These practices are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6pm-8pm. If there are any changes in this schedule your child’s COACH will let you know. Jackson Youth Sports Board Members and Jackson Town Hall WILL NOT be aware of any changes in a team’s practice schedules. Please maintain contact with your child’s team coach/team mom for any changes and updates! Jackson Youth Sports staff asks all parents to PLEASE respect your child’s coaches and teammates by dropping off and picking up your child on time for practice and/or games!!!

SCHOOL: We expect our Parents / Guardians to put the education of their children, our players, first and foremost to their athletics. As such JYS requires that all interim reports and report cards be presented to coaches the week of distribution. Players who have a failing grade in a subject will sit out the following game in addition to extra PT. If the athlete has 3 consecutive failing grades the player may be removed from the team barring abnormal circumstances. A grade “C” in a subject will require 10 mins of additional PT after practice and a grade “D” in a subject will require 20 mins of additional PT after practice.

By checking this box I agree to the Agreement and Terms above

Payment Information

Town of Jackson collects a convenience fee in addition to the total amount due. Use of a credit card or debit card will result in a $3 convenience fee

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